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The Dream Vehicle

Artist duo Witkowska-Verbunt, independent art photographers and dear friends of the gallery, have devoted their past years on the development of a truly beautiful art project. Their upcoming 'The Dream Vehicle' book, which concludes four years of photographic investigation into the mystery of time and love in a filmic road trip project, will be published next year.

To be able to bring their deep visual research out to the world, they’ve decided to crowdfund and share this special process of making the book with all of us. The launching of the book along with a release of the film documentary and travelling exhibition is planned for spring 2023. And they're extremely excited : )

On their crowdfunding page you'll find the book on pre-sale among other great gifts that they are offering in exchange for your support. Crowdfunding is not just donating money. It is exchanging and making things possible. With the pre-order of 'The Dream Vehicle' book, you will be drinking Champagne with the illustrious duo in Amsterdam in April 2023, when they hand out the book during the festive launch. In addition to pre-ordering the book, they have set up a number of other gifts in return for the donations they receive. Check the full list and make your donation here Do it today, it'll be worth your while.

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