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Ana Priscila Rodriguez at Anita Neve Gallery

Bijgewerkt op: 24 sep. 2022

I discovered the work of Ana Priscila Rodriguez when I was researching material for the exhibition 'Transience of the Floriade'. I was immediately struck by the special atmosphere in her images - which undeniably betrayed her Mexican background but also so clearly deal with human emotions such as faith, hope, love and even Weltschmerz.

In my view, Rodriguez can evoke a fairytale atmosphere like no other in the stories she paints with her images. Sometimes romantic, sometimes mysterious and explorative in emotions. In her versatile work, pain and sadness alternate with cheerfulness and bliss.

Rodriguez is now known worldwide for her photography and mixed media art where she captures experiences from her personal life in a very special way. As she herself says: “My art form was born from the need to give a voice to real life experiences, mixed with the theoretical knowledge gained during my training and the practical implementation after completing it. It is a completely evolutionary path, where the artist in me fought its way out.”

Rodriguez creates conceptual self-portraits where she uses raw images that she transforms into fairytale stories with a magical, deep and sometimes sad tinge. Her inspiration stems from the need for deep untold stories, which on the one hand are personal, but certainly also recognizable to the viewer. She wants to communicate one-on-one with her images, whether fairy tales or nightmares, and let the viewer's eye fill in the blanks and add a conclusion to that intimate moment.

I am incredibly happy and at the same time proud to have brought Rodriguez's work to Almere and to introduce the city to her beautiful art.

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