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Anita Neve

Ever since the beginning of her photographic career, photographer Anita Neve had the need to give budding photographers every opportunity to break through in the competitive world of photography. She knows from experience how difficult it is to get your work to the attention of a wider audience at the start of your photographic art career. For her, the gallery is a starting point to realize this dream. She does this in addition to her work as a studio photographer. Her studio is located in Almere-Haven.​

Are you curious about the studio? Visit 

From Pop-Up to Gallery

In 2017 in Almere-Poort, two people were given the opportunity to set up their pop-up gallery. After about three months, however, the space was leased to a commercialparty and a new location had to be found. That became Almere-Haven.


On the one hand, the gallery was always committed to giving talented starting photographers a stage in the middle of a region that stands for growth. On the other hand, it gave the neighborhood a new artistic impulse. We always were an independent and un-subsidized gallery.

The gallery specialized in accessible fine art photography and offered graduates of the Dutch art and photography schools and other selected talents a portal to display their work.

We still believe in service and friendliness. We can give you professional advice and we can also show the works of your choice at your home without any obligation. Upon purchase, the work will be personally delivered and hung in consultation with you.​

In addition, we have an attractive Kunstkoop scheme that you can take advantage of.

In 2024, Anita decided to close the gallery down. The studio, which was always situated at the same address, still exists and flourishes. Of course you are still welcome to visit. Works to be seen there are commissioned work and series and free work  from Anita Neve (a longtime professional photographer herself).

Saturday Art drinks

Every last Saturday of the month we organize the Saturday Art Drink for Friends of the Gallery. You are welcome in the gallery from 4 pm to have a good conversation about art, photography, quality of life and what else matters in the world while enjoying a glass.


Be inspired, see what art does to the mind, connect with others and enjoy the beauty that hangs in the gallery.


During the drinks you can also simply admire the collection and receive information about the work and the photographers, and view and purchase the art books, art prints and other beautiful things.


Drinks are free for friends.

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