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Tony Tangel

The photography of Tony Tangel (The Hague, 1952) is a quest for silence and beauty. She finds them in ordinary things and special objects. Simplicity is the adage, although at the same time this is only appearances. After all, her work demands great precision throughout the entire process; from idea to finishing. She calls it slow photography.

She focuses on still life with a poetic appearance. Tony is inspired by, among other things, the work of Japanese craftsmen, who combine great skill with a desire for perfection.

Her working past lies in journalism. For the last 25 years she has held a position as editor-in-chief. When the work loses its charm due to budget cuts, she decides to retrain and enrolls at the Fotovakschool in Rotterdam. After graduating (where she exhibited as one of the best of her year at the Graduation Show) she left journalism and established herself as an independent photographer.

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