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Jay Tang

The fact that Jay Tang's (Alkmaar, 1981) roots lie in Hong Kong is clearly visible in the autonomy of his work. Tang grew up in a mixture of rich Chinese culture in combination with the down-to-earth Dutch way of thinking. These sometimes contrasting cultures have contributed to his evolution as a person and as an artist.

Aesthetics play an important role in Jay’s work. In his images he seeks specific harmony between color and composition. In 2012, he started studying Photographic Design at the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam. Since then, he has been searching for more gravitas. He plays with perspective, abstraction and distortion. What one sees is not always what one thinks it is.

The strength of his portfolio lies in the serenity of black and white. Emotions and feelings play a clear role; while searching and creating, his ideas get their final shape.

Following his signature landscapes work 'Everyday Landscapes' in which Tang creates imaginative scenes using light and shadow from everyday materials, like paper and tissues, he presents his latest works 'Everyday Flora'.

The shadow of a bag of leftover bread left would cast a flower-like shadow on the dinner table.

This inspired him to experiment with cling foil and plastic bags to create a series of floral works

that are both full of life, yet are very tender and fragile.

In 2015 Tang graduated cum laude when he majored Photographic Design at the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam. That same year he was nominated for the Keep and Eye Fotovakschool Grant, where he took second place with his documentary series 'Son, this is your home'. He previously exhibited in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the Columbia College in Chicago and the Rotterdamse Schouwburg. He is known for his series Everyday Landscapes.

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