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Maartje Roos

Maartje Roos (1986) does not take pictures. She creates images. With an existing reality as a background, a new reality is created from photographic image elements. Composite compositions made on location give a unique, often alienating or romantic image. Sometimes it remains close to reality, other times it is clearly a created world. Every image element has always been carefully thought out and placed. The difficult thing is that it does have to be photographed, so it has to be there. Maartje photographs all visual elements herself.

Merciless in her search and with angelic patience, she directs her photos down to the smallest detail, giving her artworks her unique signature.

Maartje graduated cum laude from the Photo Academy in 2010. Before that, she studied photonics, among other things. In 2014 she was named Dutch Photography Talent by GUP / NEW Photo. She has exhibited in New York, Tokyo and at photo festivals and galleries throughout the Netherlands. Her work has been published in Photography, Pf Magazine and Focus Magazine, among others.

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