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Mariska Karto

Mariska Karto (Paramaribo, 1971) is a very talented photographic artist. She lives in the Netherlands; her roots also lie in Surinam and Indonesia.


The rich history of classical art is her source of inspiration. Without history, as far as she is concerned, there is no present, without the present there is no future; no dreams, no memories and nothing to really aim for. She creates mystical, sometimes dark, dreamy creations, also using influences that life has on herself.


Karto's hypercollages and frescoes tell the stories of our journey through life, which stories she brings together in her work into one great life journey. Not the story of one person but the story of our world. Both our old world and our new world melt together in her special work. The creation of her hypercollages takes her an incredible amount of time. Karto easily takes six to twelve months to complete one work. She does not work with a team, but does everything herself. But through her tenacity and her love for our world, for the classical fresco, for photography and with the help of photoshop, she succeeds in reviving the glory of the old fresco.


Karto has won numerous international photography awards and many honorable mentions. She exhibits at art fairs and galleries all over the world. Her work is regularly published. Her worldwide clientele includes luxury hotel chains, renowned perfumery houses and owners of castles and country houses.

Karto is member of the prestigious Dutch Artist Association Pulchri. 

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