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Koos Hageraats

Koos Hageraats (1953) has lived in Amsterdam since the 1970s and is still in love with it. Since 2007 he has concentrated on capturing her in images in which light plays an important role. For it is that light that tells the age-old story of her ever-changing yet ever-same beauty. Amsterdam in the morning or evening light, in the sun or in the fog, in the night or in the rain - it is always the same lover who smiles at you differently.

Hageraats taught Dutch as a teacher for ten years and was employed as an editor for a literary publisher for more than 23 years afterwards. He took photo courses at Crea and completed his education at the Fotovakschool Amsterdam. He focuses on photos of Amsterdam and still lifes.

The atmosphere of his photos is like himself; romantic and friendly, often dreamy but always colorful. However, his colors are never too bright; his lines are never too hard. Sometimes, however, his slightly rebellious nature also comes to the fore and there is humor in his work, small puns that betray his literate background. In his photography he searches and investigates: he immerses himself in forms; corners; lines of sight; materials. It results in well-thought-out compositions that always have a velvety appearance, sometimes with a witticism, but always with an infinite love for his surroundings and life.

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