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Wim Adema

 A quest to the boundaries of the visual image

Wim Adema (Vaassen, 1939) calls himself a visual artist, working with photographic techniques. He started his education in 1978 at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam and succesfully completed the study Monumental Design in 1984. During the period 1986-1997 he was the artistic leader of Artcentre 't Oude in Spijkenisse, a non-profit organisation for contemporary visual arts.

In 1997 Adema started his carreer as an autonomous artist, using photographic techniques. By means of macro-photography he establishes his vision on the visible world. He uses light, color and shape as his materials to depict a harmonious interplay of lines on the celluloid. From 2003 onward he only uses analogue cameras and starts to follow the seasons. In 2020 Adema starts experimenting with acrylic paint on the images. 


His work is intuitive. With the camera he searches the boundaries of sharpness and blurriness. For the series 

 'Dead Flowers' Adema worked with dead flowermaterials, a setting sun and backlight. The acrylic paint gives the images a new appearance. 

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